Fact: Most Poisonous Snake in East Africa

The most poisonous snake in Africa is the Eastern Green Mamba. Quoting my Dad, “If you ever see one of those in a tree turn around and run in the other direction as fast as you can.”

Average Length: 1.8 meters

Color: Bright Green

Diet: Feeds mostly on small rodents, birds, lizards, and frogs

Scientific Name: Dendroaspis angusticeps

Habitat: Mostly in Forests/trees and bushland

Fact: Smallest of Mambas

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Fact: Country inside a Country?

Who Ever knew that a country could be inside a country? I just learned this recently when my mom told me. Senegal has a small country inside of it called The Gambia. This is a small country whose capital is Banjul.

The Gambia’s flag is:

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Fact: How BIG?!?

Who knew that Africa was 1/5 of the world land? My friends dad gave my Mom and I a magazine all about Africa and it had a picture sort of like it this. I thought it was so interesting that the United States, China, Japan, etc. could all fit into Africa. I have never been out of the country unless you count Canada which I went to when I was really little and don’t remember. The more and more research I do on Africa the more excited I get to go there in August!

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Dakar and Me

Welcome to my Blog!

My relationship with Dakar, Senegal is now just in the making. The first week of August I Will be moving there for two years with my younger brother Simon and my Mom who is going to be teaching at an International School there. I’m only in middle school so I will be attending school there also.

I will be putting up posts of my experiences leading up to my trip. Wish me luck!


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